•  Translation Services - English/Spanish - Spanish/English 
•  Bilingual Design is also available!

¡Hola amigos! (Hello friends!)

Over the last years, demographics have changed dramatically in the 
United States, making the Spanish-speaking community the largest
minority in the country.  It is estimated that 42,000,000 people speak
Spanish in the U.S.A.!   In order to stay ahead of the competition,
many companies now offer products in both English and Spanish.

Translation services include:
English to Spanish/Spanish to English translation (written and oral); 
documentation; instruction manuals; educational books; newsletters; 
advertising; brochures; flyers; packaging; training materials; letters; 
general information; etc.  

For more information on Bilingual Design Services, please refer to the 
ones described under
Graphic Design, Web Design and Illustrations. 

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